Repositioning is really product development and our nearly 12 years of experience has shown us how to successfully develop products your customers want to buy, regardless of the current business cycle.

IHS Management's experience as both developer and owner of a variety of hotel assets perfectly positions us to take a fresh look at each hotel property. When an asset's performance is not living up to owner expectations, our clients look to us to implement the most productive and cost effective changes possible, allowing each property to once again successfully compete in its market. Adding value through repositioning has been a constant component of our strategies to improve return on investment.

Based on our client's goals, we provide the necessary research to assist in the decision making phases, developing a hospitality repositioning plan, and then executing the strategy, whether it be a complete rebranding or simply a refocusing of the business model. The scope of this work often includes:

  • Identification of current and desired hotel market segments
  • Competitive analysis
  • Recommended improvements focusing on the hotel's competitive edge
  • Costing of any renovations or operating changes required
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Forecasted operating results